all about Kris Kratt


Once upon a time, in a galaxy far far away...

I was born.

Below is my official bio, in case you want to hire me. And way below  are some stats, in case you want to hang out with me. The Bio is what I do, the stats are who I am.

Kristine Kratt AIFD, began her floral career as a teenager in the San Francisco Bay Area. She managed a retail flower shop for many years and during that time graduated from the College of San Mateo’s floriculture program. While working and going to school, Kris made her first steps deeper into the floral industry by becoming an FTD Master Designer. She has won many awards over the years through design competitions, including winning the Texas State Florists’ Association Texas Cup.

Kris was inducted into the American Institute of Floral Designers in 2001. Since that time, she has quickly become a diverse contributor within the floral industry,  extending into design shows, teaching, wholesale showroom instillations, design publications, and working in overseas product development. She is a current member of the FTD Education Team.

Currently residing in Philadelphia and working as a freelance designer, Kris is constantly furthering her personal design knowledge, and has traveled in the U.S, Europe and Asia to participate in design projects and classes.

Kris is passionate about constantly sharing education and inspiration within the floral industry.

Name: Kristine Kratt

Height: 5'8

Weight: to be announced after I reach 125lbs...

Where I've Been: Born in San Francisco (Yea Dude!), grew up in Pacifica California, and after 30 years there, moved to Texas for 7 years (all-Y’all!), and now live in Philly (Yo!).

Birthday: June 29

College: College of San Mateo, San Mateo California

Major: Floriculture (yes it really IS a major).

Favorite Color: For my walls- blue or green or taupe (child of the Earth, obviously)... for my clothes, black, green, blue and sometimes a little plum (so I usually look like a bruise)...for my flowers- EVERYTHING especially orange. (Orange makes me feel good... but I won't wear orange pants. That would not make me feel good).

Favorite Book: Harry Potter (because I want a wand and a flying broomstick.)

Favorite Movie: Star Wars, (the original, not numbers 1-3... not the new digitally enhanced... the REAL original, where Luke's speeder looks plastic, the Jawa's eyeballs look like lightbulbs, and the Death Star is made out of paper mache and plastic spoons).

Special Skills: 1. Can work the TiVo remote while completely asleep and still perfectly stop and start to fast forward thru commercials. 2. Ace at pop culture trivia, and 3. Can recite the entire original Star Wars Movie complete with sound effects. (Don't judge me...I can't help what my special skills are).

Favorite Food: If I can only have one, then- sourdough bread. If I can have three, then sourdough bread, cheese and red wine. (this is why the weight portion of my stats will probably never be announced at 125lbs. I should have lied and said GRAPES. My favorite food is GRAPES).

Favorite Quote: "You're attitude creates your reality"   (so if you feel like crap today, it's your own fault).

Pets: The world's cutest pug Betty Pancake...Boxter, the Texas Tabby...and Crabby Tabby Targa who loves you but wants to cut you at the same time.

Signifigant Other: the one and only Bill Schaffer AIFD, PFCI, AAF... (I like him because he has a lot of letters after his name).